Mysterious PS5 DualSense V2 with more battery life appears online 2024

Though the DualSense packs a suite of emotional features, one of the biggest exams has been its battery life. This may be remedied by a new interpretation of the regulator that has appeared online, as Resetera stoner ezidro3 noticed.

The new regulator, dubbed the “ PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller – White ” was first spotted on Best Buy Canada, along with an included charging station and$89.99 CAD price label, but the post has been taken down since. The new regulator looks identical to its precursor, except this bone is supposed to feature 12 hours of gameplay on a full charge. The runner has ago been taken down, with no sanctioned word from Sony yet regarding this new device.

The DualSense is a phenomenal regulator with features that make it a near-contagious addition to any gaming magazine. still, the low battery has always been a problem, furnishing 4- 6 hours of wireless gameplay depending on which features are being used. snare the Dualsense Edge, and you can anticipate indeed lower time.

still, this is presumably it, If there’s one new piece of tackle Sony wanted to add to please suckers. Only a white interpretation has been seen, but if it’s available in other colors, Sony may have set up a way to slip its fritters into my portmanteau.


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